Architect, Photographer, Artist

Born in Warsaw, I lived in Poland, Denmark and presently in the UK. I studied art and architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, UCL The Bartlett and The University of Cambridge. Whilst the London Institute of Photography gave me an in-depth knowledge of photographic techniques and principles. 

Life in three very different cultures, languages, climates and lighting conditions formed my perspective of the world and consequently my work. From hazy fogs of the North to sharp contrasts of the South, everything is about the light and its power.

The light and shadow, a partnership, an inexhaustible toolset I continue investigating.


“Ultimately it is the magic of shadows.” - Junichiro Tanizaki




Galerie 212, Rødovre, Danmark (1991-1992)
"Peregrination", Galerie Zenit, Frederiksberg, DK (solo-1994); "Peregrination II", Galeria "Nad Wisla", Torun, Poland;
"POISON", Galeria "Pod Kasztanami", Warsaw, Poland;
DE VALIGIA, M/S Kronborg, Copenhagen;
“New under the sun", Art Association, Copenhagen;
Galeria Brama, Warsaw, Poland (solo-2004);
Gallery Brantebjerg, Nykobing Sjaelland, Denmark (solo - 1999);
Intermezzo, Gallery Inverto, Hanover, Germany (2000); 
Space & Structure, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen;
Summer Exhibition, Tistrup (2004);
West Jutlans Art Association, Janus Bygning, Tistrup, Denmark;
Denmark In The Castle, "Zamek” Culture Centre, Poznan, Poland (2003);
Museum of the City of Lodz, Exhibition - Presence, Poland (2004)
Gallery Susanne Hojriis, Copenhagen, DK (2006),
Williams Art, Cambridge (2012)
ARB - Alison Richard Building; Body and Space, Cambridge (2016)


For my work, I have received many grants and scholarships, among them The Danish Agency for Culture Grants, Anglo-Danish Society Award, Sophus Fonden by Louis Poulsen Lighting for studies on V. Hammershøi, Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation and others.